It takes not just know-how, but the right tree removal equipment to do a job properly. When it comes to the tools of our trade, we have everything needed for proper tree care and tree service.

Tracked Aerial Bucket LiftCemetary Tree Removal


One extends to 60 feet and the other extends to 82 feet for unsurpassed versatility in every job situation. These bucket-lift machines can go anywhere, travelling with low ground pressure. They are lightweight as compared to an aerial lift mounted on a truck chassis. With track machines, we can traverse manicured lawns, hills, through gates and other tight spaces into backyards. These lifts will also work indoors on electric and battery power. Their narrow dimensions allow passage through standard single doorways and fence gates while the rubber tracked undercarriage allows for heavy uphill and staircase climbing!

Aerial Bucket Truck

60 foot working height with dump body bed. The aerial lift allows us to remove and prune trees effortlessly.

Using a bucket truck to take down a tree

Remove a Lightning Damaged Tree in New Jersey
Remove a Lightning Damaged Tree in New Jersey

Tree Chippers

We have Tree Chippers capable of chipping limbs and logs up to 19 inches in diameter. Fully automated in-feed rollers pull material into cutter knives and produce wood chips that are shot into dump trucks.

Mini Skid Steers

Tracked Self Propelled Ride-On Loaders with grapples to lift and move heavy logs and branches. Machines can fit through standard 36″ gates. These machines take the work out of work in our industry and your yard.

Crane Truck

Haul Logs Away

Our crane truck is capable of lifting logs up to 7 tons. The boom has working heights up to 40 feet. We can load logs up to 14 feet long into the truck and haul them away.

Tractor w/ Grapple and Bucket

Our Tree Removal Equipment can lift and transport large limbs and trees on bigger jobs easily. Attachment on rear rototills heavy underbrush, leaves and grasses to clear unwanted growth leaving a park-like setting.

Telescopic Power Pole Saws

To reach the limbs below 16-18 feet.
For trimming and shaping ornamental trees.

Hedge Trimmers

For maintaining shrubs and bushes.

Chain Saws

From small ones (14 inch bars) for removing limbs to very large ones (48 inch bar) for the huge trees.

Stump Grinders

Stump Grinder

Most Effective Tree Stump Removal
Tracked, Self Propelled 50 and 60 HP machines
20 inch Cutting Depth Below Surface
48 inch Cutting Height Above Surface
Trailer Mounted Tow Behind
24 inch Cutting Depth Below Surface for Those Large Tree Stumps

4×4 Trucks

Pulling and towing various machine on trailers is a snap. Deploys stump grinders and mini-skid steer machines.

Snow Plowing

4×4 pickup trucks and large trucks mounted with snow plows for any job. Mini-skid steer and tractor also have buckets for moving snow in tight areas and sidewalks. We also have a heavy duty snow blower for walks and driveways. Salt spreader also available to treat surfaces with ice accumulation and packed snow.