Tree Stump Removal NJ

Precise & Clean Tree Stump Removal NJ

  • Tracked, Self Propelled 50 and 60 HP machines
  • 20 inch Cutting Depth Below Surface
  • 48 inch Cutting Height Above Surface
  • Trailer Mounted Tow Behind
  • 24 inch Cutting Depth Below Surface for Those Large Tree Stumps

We have the most powerful and accurate stump grinding equipment built to get the job done right the first time. At Arbor Tree Experts, our arborists are highly trained and proficient in the art and science of professional tree stump removal nj and stump grinding nj. Our goal is to provide safe removal, haul-away and thorough clean up of debris. All this is achieved while minimizing the impact on surrounding vegetation and land.

We know unwanted tree stumps can be an unsightly eyesore, but a stump can also potentially develop a series of plant diseases and insect infestations. These diseases or insects can cause your lawn or other nearby plants and trees to become infected, unless you control them through a tree stump removal nj service.

Tree Stump GrinderTree Stump Removal Service in NJ

Tree stump removal NJ will increase the beauty of your yard and landscaping, reduce the potential for spreading plant diseases and insect infestations, improve the safety of the area, and even make mowing the lawn easier.

There is also the risk that a stump could be in a location where a person could trip or fall and become injured. This is a substantial hazard that can be dangerous to people on your property. The best way to keep a stump from injuring anyone is to use Arbor Tree Experts to completely remove the tree stump.

We are fully Insured, Licensed, and Bonded. Most importantly, we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee that assures the achievement of your NJ stump removal goals and we have the testimonials to prove it.